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offline Hardware diagnostic test on HP servers

Performing Offline Diagnostic test using HP SmartStart CD

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The HP Insight Diagnostics utility is a Hardware diagnostic tool available with HP SmartStart CDs. You can launch this tool by booting to HP SmartStart CD. HP Insight Diagnostics tool is helpful when you do the hardware troubleshooting on a server.
HP Insight Diagnostics (Using SmartStart CD) is also used  to check if all the hardware devices installed on your Server is recognized by the server OR functioning properly.

Offline Hardware test using SmartStart CD:

1. Boot the server using Smart Start CD (It might take some time, be patient!) SmartStart CD boot 2. Now you will be at Language and Keyboard Selection page.
3. Select language as English (US), keyboard layout as US English and click Next. SmartStart CD Language Selection4. Accept HP EULA by clicking Agree button (You have no choice here lol  :D )SmartStart CD EULA5. Now you are the Home page of SmartStart CD (Check below provided screenshot)
6. Click on Maintenance button. SmartStart CD Home7. Now you are at the Maintenance Options window (Check below provided screenshot)
8. Select HP Insight Diagnostics. SmartStart CD Maintanance window9. HP Insight Diagnostics window will load and generate hardware report in a moment. SmartStart CD Insight Diagnosis10. Now you will be at the System Survey main page.
SmartStart CD Survey window updated
11. Click on the Test tab. You will be at the below provided screen.
12. Click on Complete Test tab.
SmartStart CD Hardware Offline test13. Select Test mode as Unattended
14. Ensure that the option Stop on first error is unchecked.
15. Set the Number of loops to 15 (Set 7 as minimum)
Note:-The above step is the main step ( 1 loop takes approx 1.5hrs-2hrs depend on your hardware)
SmartStart CD Hardware Offline Complete test tab
16. Select All Devices in the list of devices
17. Click on Begin Testing button
HP SmartStart CD Offline Start the test
18. Now the test will run on all hardware. This process might take hours to complete.
      To save the logs you must require external drive.
HP SmartStart CD Offline test completed
19. Click on the Logs tab
20. Click on the Diagnosis Log sub-tab.
21. Click Save to save the report.
HP SmartStart CD Diagnosis logs
22. Click on the Test Log sub-tab.
23. Click Save to save the report.
Hp SmartStart CD Test log
24. Click on the Error Log sub-tab.
25. Click Save to save the report.
Hp SmartStart CD Error logs
26. Also save the Integrated Management Log.
27. To save the report, click on Save button at the bottom of page.
SmartStart CD IML logs28. Success!! You have generated all the Offline diagnostics logs!
29. Click on Exit Diagnostics button.
30. Reboot/Restart you Server.

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